N44° 57.488’ W93°16.353’

Date: 2/96
Material: poplar
Dimensions: 18’x24’x40’
Location: Mineapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN

Press About the Piece

Boat With Wings
Twin Cities Reader, February 14, 1996

Special Thanks to:
I would like to thak the followwing people for without whos help this work could not have been accomplished.

Thad Dahlberg
Gordon Manery
Russ Rathbun
Bob Rathbun
Matt Rathbun
Michelle Haunspberger
Mike Wurtz
Corey Barkey
Chris Mayer
Dave Leak
Tim Quady
Stuart Turnquist, Cynde Randall, Evan Mowher, and the Staff of The Minneapolis Instute of Art.