Redemption 1,2,3!

Date: 2008
Material: wood and red paint
Dimensions: 11′ x 15′ x 15′
Location: Hoffman Gallery, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

I want to be in the Olympics. Sometimes if I think about it enough, I need to be in the Olympics. When I was in high school I ran good enough that it seemed possible that it could be a reality. And for some reason, when I discovered this I started smoking, or rather continued to smoke. I still talked about it a lot. I talked until the words change to “I could have been in the Olympics.” I will never be in the Olympics. When I watch them I still feel the need. It’s like the ocean; if I think about it deeply enough, I need to be in it or before it! I can get something like a physical pain. Sometimes I cry. There is something about a level of personal achievement that is almost spiritual. Potential, it is about potential and fulfillment of potential and a level of personal achievement. Why do I get this same feeling of heightened emotion and intense longing from thoughts of the ocean? Is the ocean the same as the Olympics? I think it’s funny that all of the things that I want to achieve or be, are preempted by the person that I am. That is to say that I need to be in the Olympics but I continued to smoke.