“Parade” 2013, 40’X40’X77′, wood, steel, light, sound. Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN.

Franconia Q & A

I would like to thank the following people without who’s hearts, hands, hospitality and generosity this work could not have been realized

Thank you

Kim, Ameilia and Melissa Rathbun, John Hock, Tamsie Ringler, Ken Edwards and the Starseed Foundation, Bob and Betty Lee Rathbun, Russell Rathbun, Mike Wurtz, Jeanne Dimeglio, Thad Dahlberg, Forest Lewis, Chris Larson, Asher Larson, Jason Bord, Dane Winkler, Adam McGee-Abe, Jonathan Haynes, Jeremy Szopinski, Peter Morales, Kevin Dart, Hugh Bryant, Freya Gabie, Hillary Mussell, Anders Nienstaedt, Julia Sisson, Taylor Browning, Carissa Samaniego.

There were so many others in the frantic last days, so I am sure I forgot some people.  If you are someone or know of someone I forgot.  Please let me know.


Franconia Sculpture Park