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i’m bad, i’m good, i’m bad…

Date: 2010
Dimensions: 18′ x 33′ x 37′
Location: Schneider Museum of Art, Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR

Josine Starrels Essay

I would like to extend a special thanks to all those who made this project possible.  Thank you to Josine Starrels for her faith in the work.  Thank you to Michael Crane, Stephen Frazier and the Schneider Museum.  Thank you to Lee Jimerson and the Collins Company, Jeff Nuss and Greenwood Resources for their material support.

And thank you to those who without their hearts and hands this project would not have been possible:
Kim, Melissa and Ameilia Rathbun, Gustav Axelson-Chidsey, William Francis, Zoe Clark, Kyle Thompson, Liam O’Conner, Kelly Kuykendall, Lewis George Feuer, Katheryn Miller, Gabriel Parque, Meagan Nuss, Jessica Hirsch, Molly Montanga, The Wurtz Family, John ?, Paula ?, Carl Berger, Alison Lentz, Kandace Collins, Colby Stephens, and Matt Rudloff

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Redemption 1,2,3!

Date: 2008
Material: wood and red paint
Dimensions: 11′ x 15′ x 15′
Location: Hoffman Gallery, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

I want to be in the Olympics. Sometimes if I think about it enough, I need to be in the Olympics. When I was in high school I ran good enough that it seemed possible that it could be a reality. And for some reason, when I discovered this I started smoking, or rather continued to smoke. I still talked about it a lot. I talked until the words change to “I could have been in the Olympics.” I will never be in the Olympics. When I watch them I still feel the need. It’s like the ocean; if I think about it deeply enough, I need to be in it or before it! I can get something like a physical pain. Sometimes I cry. There is something about a level of personal achievement that is almost spiritual. Potential, it is about potential and fulfillment of potential and a level of personal achievement. Why do I get this same feeling of heightened emotion and intense longing from thoughts of the ocean? Is the ocean the same as the Olympics? I think it’s funny that all of the things that I want to achieve or be, are preempted by the person that I am. That is to say that I need to be in the Olympics but I continued to smoke.

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Passing Revelation

Date: October 2002
Material: cedar/douglas fir
Dimensions: 14’ x 53’ x 33’
Location: Mount Hood Community College, Gresham, OR

Special Thanks to:
Tamsie Ringler and her sculpture/3-d design classes, Marris Stroughtmanis, Bob Rathbun, Matt Rathbun, Stone, Emma and Bailey Rathbun, Mount Hood Community College Student Association, Pat Barrett, Camille Ainsworth, Judy Wang,Allison Siphron, Rosie Sturm, Tara Owens, Oja Lumber, Jerry Camp-Camps Lumber.

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